Thomas dice adiós a Dirtyphonics

Hace apenas un mes Madrid tenía la suerte de encontrarse entre las ciudades elegidas para el paso de la gira de los franceses Dirtyphonics, conocida como DIRTYTOUR Spain, en donde pudimos disfrutar de primera mano del enorme potencial de dos de sus integrantes, Charly y Pitchin, en formato DJ Set. Dos horas en las que se metieron al público en el bolsillo haciendo que todos disfrutáramos como si de un Live se tratase.

Sin embargo, Dirtyphonics son capaces de ofrecer incluso más cuando el grupo se encuentra al completo incluyendo a Thomas y Pho, como bien pudimos comprobar en su actuación de la pasada edición de Monegros Desert Festival. Es por ello que la noticia de la marcha de Thomas Desbouvrie, quien ha decidido emprender su carrera en solitario para enfocarse más en otro tipo de arte: la pintura, la fotografía y la escritura, nos entristece, aunque le deseamos la mejor de las suertes en esta nueva andadura, que podéis seguir a través de su nueva web.

A continuación, compartimos el comunicado completo, en el que los franceses solo tienen buenas palabras para Thomas:


Being part of Dirtyphonics is one of the most exhilarating, intense, insane things that has happened in our lives. We started in a bedroom with a slow computer and a couple of instruments. We crafted our sound with a lot of passion, drive, energy and created what you all know now as the #DIRTYlife. We have travelled around the globe to party with you all and share our love for the music – and god you give us so much back, without you we wouldn’t be where we are today!!

Being part of Dirtyphonics is being part of a close, strong family, a family we have chosen; we are best friends, brothers, and everything else to each other. We obviously don’t always agree – which proves to be healthy and pushes us to be as creative as we can and still surprise each other.

Being part of Dirtyphonics is being part of an adventure that evolves, morphs, and re-invents itself on a daily basis.

It’s now time for us to announce that Thomas has decided to move away from Dirtyphonics to follow new dreams and horizons. He has chosen to do what he’s always wanted to do; express himself though his paintings, photos, texts – you’ve probably spotted some of his work on his Facebook page or his Twitter account!

After 10 years spent by our side in the studio, on the road, on vacation, in our lives, we are sad to see him go and happy to see him blossom in these new adventures!

Thomas, thank you for those life-time memories, laughter, sweat and tears. You have been part of what Dirtyphonics is today and you can count on us to take good care of our baby.
We are going to keep pushing and be creative as you know we are You will be missed in this project.

#DIRTYarmy please join us to wish Thomas the best of luck, success, and happiness in his new life!!

Charly, PitchIn, and Julien.

We will always remember:

1. When we first played in front of 10,000 people in Paris at Solidays and we couldn’t hear our monitors because the crowd screamed so loud it covered the sound.

2. All the times you took a bubble bath reading philosophy in the most beautiful hotels of around the world.

3. Your balcony dive in Reno – Nevada (higher than Steve Aoki did). After this, the venue closed the balcony for good – it became too dangerous.

4. Your insane drawings on an etch a sketch at after parties.

5. Your out of this world musical ideas: The infinite riser, the backward filter (AKA fakie filter), the drop that doesn’t drop etc.

6. Your multiple custom jackets.

7. Trying to find you “somewhere” in the venue 2min before show time – every time.

8. Your long walks where you came back with hundreds of photos, including photos of rain puddles where only you could see monsters.

9. Watching you sleep soooooo much everywhere and anywhere.

10. The first artwork you did for Glow (yes, the one with the “cloud chicken”).

And of course, your friendship, your smile, your creativity, your energy.
(And yes we do have A LOT of pictures to show to your kids when they get older)

We wish you a long and beautiful road.

If you want to know more about Thomas’ Art go here:

NRF magazine

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